In the past couple of years, car wrapping has become extremely popular, not only with car enthusiasts, but with almost every car owner. No matter if you have a brand new or used car, wrapping has its benefits. Painting takes up a lot of time, usually two to three weeks and it’s a lot more expensive than wrapping. Here are 3 reasons you should choose wrapping your car over painting:

Fixing Old UV Damaged Paint and Giving Your Car a New Look

UV damaged paint usually means old car. Older car means a new paint job just isn’t worth the hassle. Preparation, paint, a few weeks later and a thinner wallet won’t get you a better resale value of your old car. At least this won’t raise the resale value as much as you invested doing it. On the other hand, wrapping can make your car look better, with less money spent and in a shorter period of time. No matter if you plan on reselling your car or not, wrapping is the way to go. Imagine your old car with boring paint becoming a two tone beauty in a few days, looking like new!

Keeping your factory paint in mint condition

Regarding resale value, original factory paint is highly desirable. Some car manufacturers just don’t offer the color you want your new car to be, so wrapping is the only reasonable thing to do. Imagine you finally decide to buy a new car, you go to the car dealer and find out you can only order your car in black or white. Would you look for another car just because it isn’t available in the color you want? Neither would I. Wrapping a new car is even easier than wrapping older cars because preparation lasts a lot less on a new car than on an old one. You choose a color or a combination of colors for your car and a few days later, your car is just the way you want it to be. If you decide to sell your car, just peel off the vinyl and your car will be looking as good as new!

Repairing Scratches and Other Paint/Vinyl Damage Can Be Done In Minutes

The list of things that can damage your paint job is huge, and it’s not that rare that a car can get scratched or damaged. With a regular paint job, you can try and mix up a paint that will be the same as the paint on the rest of the car, but the difference is usually visible. When using vinyl wrap, you can change the wrap on the damaged part of the car in one day. Just peel off the damaged vinyl and apply a new piece of the same vinyl. It’s that easy. If you are not comfortable with wrapping the car yourself, just leave it to a professional. It will still be cheaper than painting.