Car tuning and styling is an expensive hobby and every guy or girl who has a customized car will tell you that. This isn’t a secret. The car itself is an investment, a big one. Then you have rims, tires, in car electronics, seats, headlights, insurance, services… This can take up a lot of cash. Not everyone has the financial ability to buy the most expensive and known brands so they look for alternatives that have the best price to quality ratio. One of the best alternatives suspension-wise is AP suspensions (AP Sportfahrwerke) that have products for lowering your car at a reasonable price.

Lowering up to 60mm

Stance is everything! Sometimes conventional lowering products just don’t cut it and the extra 5mm will make the difference you were looking for. AP sport suspension kits offer lowering up to 60mm, if you already don’t have some kind of sport suspension, while giving you a comfortable ride. Interest in AP suspension kits is bigger by the minute. This German suspension manufacturer has high-quality products that are TUV certified. No wonder they are the best selling chassis tuning brand in the UK.

Lowering options

Depending on what you want from your new suspension, there are several options for lowering you car with AP suspension. One of the options, which is currently the most popular one, are coilover kits which give you the possibility to lower your car in the TUV approved range. This product is extremely popular for those who have only one car and still want to drive at a factory height sometimes. Then there are sport suspension kits. With this setup, you can’t adjust the ride height but you get a sport suspension that will give you unbelievable grip around the corners. It’s designed for performance cars and enthusiasts that just love the low center of gravity while driving. You will lose some comfort with this, but your car will be agile and ready for the streets. The last option for lowering your car are AP lowering springs. You only change the springs while using your existing shock absorbers. With this setup, lowering is possible up to 40mm and it is recommended for visual effect only. You get better looks for your car, lower center of gravity and more grip in the corners. This is the most economical option for lowering your car. If you plan on driving your car on the track regularly, we recommend the coilovers or sport suspension kit.