When we talk about air filters, there is a brand that first comes to mind – K&N. This is not surprising at all because K&N filters are on the market for over 35 years and are highly praised by everyone who uses them. It is great to have a performance air filter you buy only once. This is achieved by K&N with their washable performance filters. You may think that you could skip a couple of filter changes and then you need to buy a new one… Well, not exactly. K&N gives a million mile warranty on their filters so you will probably change your car before you change your air filter again.

Why Are Air Filters So Important?

Every combustion engine uses a precise mixture of air and fuel to work properly and give its maximum performance. Air filters are essential because they keep away dirt from your engine, keeping it clean and protecting engine parts from failing because of debris while giving enough airflow for optimal performance. Conventional filters protect the engine from dirt, but restrict air flow which causes poor engine performance and bigger fuel consumption. The original K&N air filter gives you the best of both! Extreme filtration standards stop 98% of dirt going into the engine while giving great air flow boosting horse power and torque of your car. The moment you change your stock air filter with a K&N filter, you feel the difference in performance.

Air filter

Disposable Air Filters VS K&N Filters

Although K&N filters are more expensive than regular replacement air filters, the math is clear. The K&N filters will last more than the car itself. You just need to wash it every 50.000km. On the other hand, it is recommended to change your regular air filter every 10.000km if you drive it on the road all the time. This fact is enough to prove that K&N filters are more practical than disposable ones, but when you add better fuel economy and better overall performance to the mix, there is nothing more to add to tell you what the right choice is.

More than 6.000 different products will ensure that you will find the filter you need, whether it’s an air filter, fuel or oil filter. If you want to get the best K&N experience and boost your power and torque, you can install K&N air intakes which are specifically designed for power gain. Most of these air intakes don’t require additional work on your car, just replace the factory parts with new K&N parts, and you are ready to go. Easy installation and a million mile warranty on parts ensures you have made the right choice by choosing K&N.