You bought a car, changed oil and filters, put some money aside and now you are ready to make some modifications to make it better and faster. Welcome to the club! Making your car better although it runs smoothly is normal and thousands of enthusiasts do it all over the world. Depending on what way you want to go, there are numerous mods for your car to look better and drive better. The basic mods include bigger wheels and lowering your car with Eibach springs. With these basic mods you make the car look better and drive better. These two mods completely change the way your car looks and drives.

Bigger wheels

The first thing every person notices are the wheels on a car. This is step one to make your car look better and it is the first thing you should change before you start modifying anything else. You’ve heard that bigger is better. This is not completely true, at least not in this case. Although bigger wheels look better on a car, keep in mind that you can make your car look worse by putting wheels that are too big. We recommend you upgrade your stock rims with aftermarket rims that are 1-2’’ bigger. New tires are also something you should consider because the tires from your stock rims won’t fit. When you get your new set of rims and tires, you can start browsing Eibach springs and kits.

VAG car with Eibach Suspension

Lowering your car with Eibach springs

If you decide to lower your car for aesthetic or performance reasons, you can look up Eibach springs. There are hundreds of brands, but you can’t go wrong with Eibach. They have lowering kits and springs for almost every model of every car on the market. The best thing is, you can choose what you want from your car. If you want full on racing suspension, there is the ERS-system, but if you want something a bit less than that, you can choose the PRO-KIT springs which are the most selling spring kit for car enthusiasts all over the world. Before you go ahead and buy your new Eibach kit, put your new wheels on the car and measure how much you want to lower your car. Springs will only let you to lower your car, without the possibility of adjusting the ride height, so be patient and make sure you get the measures right. On the other hand if you want total control of how high or low your car drives, take a look at Eibach’s coilover suspension systems. It is recommended to use Eibach springs and shocks so you could get the best results when you get on the road or track. If you use different brands of springs and shocks, you will lower your car, but you could have worse performance results than you had with stock parts. Many cars have Eibach suspension stock, but you should check anyway so you don’t lose control of your car on your first track day.