Bilstein is one of few suspension manufacturers known for their product superior performance worldwide. We’ve all heard of them. Their history of more than 140 years proves that they’re doing things right.

Bilstein wasn’t making shock absorbers when the company was founded. In fact they were making window fittings and jacks when they started their business. The Bilstein name became famous for its high quality automotive parts much later.

The Bilstein Company We Know Now

It wasn’t before the 1950s that Bilsteins engineers discovered the gas pressure shock absorber. This innovation in automotive technology changed everything. Since this innovation, constant R&D made Bilstein the number one choice for leading performance car manufacturers regarding suspension parts including well-known names such as Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Car manufacturers that use Bilstein products in their production include Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Subaru, Volkswagen… The list just goes on and on. Bilstein products are used in luxury sedans, SUVs, off-road vehicles and in motorsport which can only say that they look after every motoring segment out there and make high quality products for every purpose.

Porsche containing Bilstein parts performing in race

Street Performance with Bilstein

Many car enthusiasts choose Bilstein products when customizing their cars, no matter if its lowering their cars for performance or looks, preparing for off-road or just changing their stock parts for new ones. This is because there are shocks and kits for almost every car on the market, but also because of the quality and options this manufacturer offers to its customers with their products. In the past few years there is a growing interest for adjustable suspension systems in the tuning & styling community. Imagine that you have to take your wife and kids to your mother in-law, and there is a car event near you. You want to drop them off while maintaining the comfort of a normal ride height, but you were looking forward to going to the car event with your lowered car. This is possible with Bilsteins highly praised adjustable systems. Just turn the easily accessible knob and watch your car drop to a desired ride height in a matter of minutes. Problem solved and no need to call your mechanic to do it for you!

Product Testing On the Nurburgring

Bilstein took product testing to another level. We all know that information about a product you find on the internet or brochure can be different from the experience you have when you use that same product. Testing suspension parts on the world-famous Nurburgring in different types of situations ensures that the product will match its description from the brochure. When you think of it, is there any place better to test performance parts for cars then on a track? When products are tested as rigorously as this, you know that you will get the performance you were looking for.